“Jackass 3D” Movie Review

     IF you are already a fan of the Jackass series, as well as the two previous feature length Jackass films, then you are in for more fun with the aptly named “Jackass 3D.”  If you are not a fan, then stay away because I wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone who doesn’t know what to expect.  The bottom line is a film like “Jackass 3D” is tough to review.  I can’t apply any of the usual criteria as far as plot, writing, directing, acting, etc..  Here you have a series of stunts and pranks given in no particular order, just like the MTV series.  My only method for review is to compare this latest offering to the previous two and with that being said, Jackass 3D is absolutely hilarious, raunchy fun!

     Though not AS vile a film as Jackass 2, this third entry in the series pushes the envelope using and take full advantage of the 3D medium.  As was the case with the other films, some of the stunts, induce many in the cast and crew to vomit and every time this occurs, you see it in its full 3D glory.  Prior to its release, I wondered what they could possibly come up with next.  Would the film maintain its originality and creativity?  I should have never doubted them.  Some of the funnier bits include:

Preston Lacy completely suited in shrink wrap (naked underneath of  course) and made to ride a cardio machine to induce sweat.  Via his rear end, the sweat is then funneled into a glass, thus making a “Sweat Cocktail.”  Steve-O then drinks the sweat.  Yes, this caused the camera man, Steve-O himself, and me to gag.

Johnny Knoxville is dressed in his signature Old Man suit from the first two films  and has a young 18 year old actress with him in front of a strip mall.  The two  then begin to make out in front of all of the unknowing passers by.  One person stops and begins to chew out Knoxville for being with someone so young.  Knoxville then tells the guy “This is my granddaughter and she’s of age!”

     In another scene, little guy Jason Acuna comes into a crowded bar and sits at the  bar with his little person girlfriend.  Minutes later, another little person comes in and starts yelling at Acuna, accusing him of stealing his girlfriend.  Then a whole gang of little people come in and the fight is on as all of the normal sized, and  unsuspecting people look in amazement.  Several little Police Officers then enter the fray, followed by little Paramedics. This scene was absolutely hilarious.

     Again, this type of humor is not for everyone, so be cautious if you take a chance on this one.  If you already have seen the previous installments then no doubt, you are in for a great time. The film is absolutely loaded with great bits.  This is R-Rated sketch comedy at its finest and I can only wonder what they will come up with next in the inevitable fourth film.  GRADE: B+