“Get Him to the Greek” Movie Review

     When a record label employee (Jonah Hill) is sent to London to bring British Rock Star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) to perform a concert at Los Angeles’ Greek Theater, all hell breaks loose in “Get Him to the Greek”, a hilarious romp from the creators of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.  If you’ve seen that film, than you already know who Aldous Snow is, as he was the one who Sarah Marshall began dating after breaking up with Jason Segel’s character.  In a sequel of sorts (at least in a parallel universe sort of way), Greek continues the adventures of Aldous Snow and the results near comic gold.

     Brand plays Snow completely over the top and the script gives his character tons of great material.  The movie begins by running you through a series of tabloid inspired news pieces which chronicle the last several years of Snow’s rock star career.  This, of course, is a rise and fall and rise again type of story.  Snow and his wife Jackie Q are extremely successful until Snow produces his flop of a song “African Child.”  After the song is called the most racist thing since Rodney King, its all down hill from there as Snow and Jackie Q go back to drugs, alcohol, and partying.

     Playing the record labels head guy, Sergio, Sean “P Diddy” Combs steals every scene he’s in and demands his people come up with new ways to make his company money.  One of the employees, Aaron (Jonah Hill) devises a plan to bring Aldous Snow back to the Los Angeles Greek Theater for a 10 year anniversary concert he believes will make millions. Sergio likes the idea and sends Aaron to London to personally escort Snow back to the states for the concert.  It is from there that nothing goes to plan.

     As a comedic actor, Jonah Hill has come a long way since “Super Bad.”  He is truly funny and plays well against both Brand and Combs.  He seems to be this generation’s Chris Farley or John Candy, but for his sake I hope that comparison is only on screen.  Is it me or is Jonah Hill getting really fat?  Does he need to continue to get bigger in order to maintain his screen persona?

     Brand builds from his great performance in  “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and really hits a home run here, I mean the guy is hilarious.  You may be a little irritated by him if your annoyed by British humor, but I for one think its funny.  P Diddy may channel a bit of himself in real life, but the results really add to the film.  All of these actors are given so many juicy things to say and do.  The film contains several memorable original songs sung by Brand including the hilarious African Child.  The entire film is more layered and complex than you would think for a raunchy comedy like this and that is owed to one major thing.  The script.

     Working from characters created by Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller writes and directs this gem and keeps all of the main players busy from beginning to end.  It never ceases to amaze me how good a film can be when it starts with a great writer.  The humor is so original, you’re caught off guard for most of it and that provides for many great laughs throughout.  There is really nothing to complain about here.  This is another film that touts itself as this summer’s “The Hangover”, but I would take it a step further.  Perhaps next summer, the next big comedy’s tag line will read “This Summer’s Get Him to the Greek!”  Yes people, this one is a winner.  GRADE: B+